21 Business Elites

MAHA.RERA REGN. NO. P51800032308

Office 1 - 227 Sq.ft

At 227 sqft, this configuration is highly cost-effective, with a total cost that is less than 30% of similar compact budget residences in Mira Road. Efficient use of space ensures affordability without compromise.

Office 2 - 873 Sq.ft

An impeccably designed 873-square-foot square office space, distinguished by a north-facing door and two-sided panoramic views accentuated by a sleek glass facade. This configuration boasts optimal natural lighting and ventilation, with two strategically positioned air ventilation windows on the east side, ensuring a professional and comfortable workspace.

Office 3 - 1127 Sq.ft

Meticulously designed office space measuring 1127 square feet, embodying efficiency with zero wastage area. This configuration feature a north-facing door, two-sided panoramic views through a sophisticated glass facade, and a square office layout. The inclusion of two air ventilation windows on the east side enhances comfort and functionality, creating an optimal and well-ventilated workspace.

Office 4 - 300 Sq.ft

A 300-square-foot square office space, thoughtfully organized to incorporate a designated pantry, two strategically placed windows, and an efficiently managed workspace. The configuration includes an east-facing door for optimal entry flow and a dedicated branding wall to enhance the professional aesthetic of the environment.